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Hexarelin 5mg


Buy Hexarelin 5mg online

Product: Hexarelin 5mg

Each order unit contains: Hexarelin 5mg

Active substance: Hexarelin

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Hexarelin 5mg online

Product: Hexarelin 5mg

Each order unit contains: Hexarelin 5mg

Active substance:

Manufacturer / Brand: Peptide Sciences

Hexarelin 5mg for sale manufactured by Peptide Sciences –


Of course, the biggest effort of a bodybuilder is gaining a huge amount of muscles. But another way to get big and strong is conditioning. Therefore, you need maximum fat loss and highest performance, which you can get, if your HGH levels are from another star. Hexarelin 5mg is one of the most effective Peptides, available in our peptides shop. It is manufactured by Peptide Sciences and contains Hexarelin with a purity of 99,99%. So if you buy (Produktename) in our peptides shop, you don’t need to worry about your high quality peptides anymore. Maximum growth hormone levels are guaranteed and have shown that its possible to gain muscles and loose fat at the same time. Hexa increases also your blood volume, which gives you unbelievable vascularity. We promise that everyone wants to buy Hexarelin 5mg, if you say them, that your success in training and your huge strength comes from Hexa. Of course, a lot of bodybuilders worry about the side effects from taking peptides and growth hormone. But it’s a proofed fact, that there are only minimum side effects if you use only high quality peptides from Peptide Sciences which you can buy safe and secure in our peptides and growths hormone shop.


Hexarelin was developed by Mediolanum Farmaceutici. He reached phase II clinical trials for the treatment of Growth hormone deficiency (GHD) and congestive heart failure but did not complete development and was never marketed. The therapeutic potential of hexa requires further investigation.

    • Has cardioprotective activity and helps in cardiovascular conditions such as cardiac fibrosis, ischemic heart disease, cardiac dysfunction or atherosclerosis
    • Increased lean muscle mass, promoting muscle growth, strength and performance
    • Supports the recovery of muscle fibers and tissues, it can help in the healing of joints
    • Can help strengthen and improve the nervous system
    • Anti-aging and rejuvenating effects
    • Improved overall regeneration
    • Helps increase bone density
    • Strong anti-catabolic effect
    • Support fat burning
    • Cytoprotective effects
    • Skin irritation at the injection site
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Increased prolactin levels and gynecomastia risk (stimulates prolactin to a higher degree than other Growth hormone relasing peptides)
    • Increased cortisol levels
    • Reduced insulin sensitivity
    • Water retention
    • Flushing
    • Nausea
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